Giammattei commits to delivering a reformed Ministry of Labor, including with new facilities

President Alejandro Giammattei delivered 28 vehicles to the General Labor Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labor on Thursday, December 16, made a peculiar call to the workers to take care of the units and promised to deliver a reformed portfolio at the end of his term.

“Treat cars well, please, especially now that we open prohibition at two in the morning, do not use them to go out to suck, please, because we want these cars to last a long time,” said President Giammattei.

Of the 28 vehicles, seven will stay in the capital and the rest will be distributed in various departments, said the president during his speech.

In addition, he said that since they came to the Government “we promised to strengthen the ministries that needed it and one of them was Labor, which was considered the ugly duckling of the public administration. It was one of the most forgotten entities ”.

In the case of the General Labor Inspectorate, the president pointed out that it has been the most forgotten entity in the Labor portfolio, which is why in the last two years its budget has been increased.

He assured that the vehicles that were delivered were bought with the money generated by the fines from the 2,290 inspections that have been carried out during the year.

“Last year we gave an increase to its budget, this year also and as a result of that we have 17 new inspectors and now we will have 30 more,” said Giammattei.

“We are on the eve of announcing the minimum salary for next year and the functions of the Ministry of Labor is to ensure that this salary is met. The workers did not have vehicles to go to the inspections, “he added.

According to the president, “the administration’s commitment is to continue strengthening the Ministry of Labor and deliver it within two years totally different from how it was found,” referring to the fact that it will be a ministry with more personnel, computer equipment and new facilities. , as remodeling is done in the building.

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