“And it only remains to say that they love and take advantage of every second to their loved ones”: The moving video that “El Potrillo” dedicated to Vicente Fernández

“And it only remains to say that they love and take advantage of every second to their loved ones. Remind them how important they are to you and enjoy them daily. I’ve always enjoyed mine ”, reads the text that accompanies the video that the singer also shared on his social networks to remember Chente.

The fame enjoyed by one of the three sons of the late Vicente Fernández has caused the media focus to be on him, particularly in the funeral services of the Mexican charro, who used to refer to El Potrillo as his “cool son.”

That is why the pink press has documented moments like the two days after Chente’s death, when Alejandro Fernández gave a concert at the National Auditorium in Mexico City and dedicated it to Vicente Fernández. During the evening, El Potrillo included his hits and delighted the audience.

However, the fans cheered him when he performed songs by his father Vicente Fernández, who at that time was in a “very critical state of health and with a very reserved prognosis,” according to the official medical report.

During the concert, Alejandro Fernández could not bear his emotion and cried on stage when he performed Here between us and due to his crying, the public cheered him on.

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VIDEO: in the recording the Foal plays the classic song I forgot to live while passing photos and videos of moments with his father, Vicente.


Now, on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, the Foal is back in the news by sharing an emotional video that includes images with his father. The video has moved his followers and unleashed thousands of “likes” and comments to remember the father of the successful singer.

El Potrillo was moved during a concert in which he performed hits by Vicente Fernández, days before his death. (Free Press Photo: Twitter).

In the recording, the Foal shares images with his father. (Photo screenshot Facebook / Alejandro Fernández).


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