21 Days of Happiness: Go to the movies for the first time (Day 13)

Sebastián Eduardo is the name of the boy who is the protagonist of this story, the little one went to the cinema for the first time thanks to the invitation made by Ruth Mendoza, a sensitive and kind-hearted young woman who was taught by her parents that she should always do good deeds.

Ruth confessed that she has closely followed all the stories of 21 Days of Happiness and that it is an honor for her to participate and to be able to fulfill one of the wishes.

It is around five in the afternoon, Ruth and Sebastián arrive at a Shopping Center, at every step the child shows his enthusiasm for this new experience.

Ruth and Sebastián inside the movie theater before the start of the movie that they went to see to fulfill one of the wishes of 21 Days of Happiness. Free Press Photo

Upon entering the cinema, the child is amazed and feels that it is a dream come true, the lights of the signs, the movie posters, the ticket office, the food, everything is new and special for him.

They are going to watch a film that Sebastián himself chose, it is Encanto, an animated feature film that caught Sebastián’s attention due to the commercials he has seen on television.

When they arrive at the box office they receive the tickets and pose for the photo with a smile from ear to ear.

The wish that I am going to fulfill for Sebastián is the cinema, an afternoon of movies with poporopos, this came from my heart, thank God I was able to bring it here and be able to enjoy it for a moment ”, Ruth assured while hugging her guest.

There are a few minutes until the start of the show, but there is still time to buy something to eat inside the movie theater.

Hot dogs, poporopos and carbonated waters, the experience will be to the maximum and with the company of this teenager who is excited and feels satisfied to be able to fulfill a dream with little Sebastian.

Upon entering the movie theater, Sebastián enjoys every moment, the movie has not started yet, they settle into their places and prepare to enjoy the show.

A few minutes later the show starts, it is an animated film, very colorful and entertaining. Sebastian’s smile when seeing the first images is priceless.

This good deed is sure to keep Ruth in mind and heart forever.

“God put him in my way”

Ruth is convinced that God put little Sebastian, who sells food, in her way.

“He and his family spend their time selling chubby stuffed animals and the truth is that they are very rich and I thought he was a very funny and very nice boy, that’s why I decided to bring him to the movies,” explained the young woman, then the boy commented that he does this to help his family which is low-income.

: The young Ruth Mendoza fulfilled the boy Sebastián Eduardo’s dream of going to the cinema for the first time, learn about this story of the 21 days of giving happiness. Free Press Photo

Ruth feels very excited and happy to be able to do this type of action and she told Sebastián: “there will always be people around you who are going to love you very much, I love you very much and appreciate you, I am doing this so that you enjoy it. one hundred percent ”.

The teenager urged everyone to do good deeds and to do it “from the heart”, without any interest.

After enjoying an unforgettable afternoon, Sebastián also sent a message to all the children: “follow your dreams and make them come true”.

To finish off with a flourish, after the show, Ruth took Sebastian out for pizza for dinner while they discussed the movie.


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