2022 minimum wage in Guatemala: Giammattei announces 4.75% increase

President Alejandro Giammattei announced this Thursday, December 16, an increase of 4.75% to the minimum wage for agricultural and non-agricultural activities, and for export and maquila activities.

The president pointed out that the effects of covid-19 are still present, but that the economy has recovered and continues to grow, referring to the fact that the Bank of Guatemala projects 7.5% GDP growth to end 2021.

He also said that a revision to the minimum wage was necessary, since the 3-year stagnation with the same wage could limit social security services and purchasing power.

The president said that “after an analysis I have decided to increase the minimum wage by 4.75% for the three economic activities.”

Minimum salary 2022

  • Q94.44 daily for agricultural activities
  • Q97.29 daily for non-agricultural activities
  • Q88.91 daily for export and maquila activities

Rafael Rodríguez, Minister of Labor, pointed out that they have promoted the strengthening of the institutional framework of the minimum wage setting system through various commissions.

He added that they accumulate 11 sessions in 2021 to require information from various institutions and thought tanks to consider setting the minimum wage.

In addition, he said that to make the data available to citizens and academics, they enabled a section on the website of the Ministry of Labor for anyone to consult the information presented to the National Salary Commission.


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