Zoel Cruz: The singer’s family offers a reward for real information about his whereabouts

Family and friends of singer-songwriter José Zoel Cruz offer a reward in exchange for truthful information about the place where they can locate him.

More than a month has passed since the Guatemalan singer disappeared after giving an artistic presentation that he had in Zacapa. That was on November 12 and since then nothing has been known about his whereabouts.

The young man’s mother, Yuli de León, explained to Free Press that to date they do not have details of the progress of the investigation carried out by the Public Ministry and the National Civil Police. “I have not received help, I am thinking of taking the case to another instance,” said de León.

For this reason, the artist’s family and several friends began a campaign on social networks in which they offer a reward for accurate information that leads to the 20-year-old who sang band music.

Zoel’s mother argued that the reward will be given after verifying that the information is true.

In November, Zoila Esperanza Muñoz Orellana, 28, was arrested in El Progreso, for demanding Q15 thousand from the artist’s family in exchange for allegedly providing information on where Zoel Cruz was.

With De León’s anguish, and despite the time that has passed without knowing anything about her son, she hopes to find him alive.

“There are days when I say: God, if you already have him in your kingdom, because my son was not in the wrong steps, take care of him and you have forgiven him; but I hope – to see him alive – because we have not found the body, “says the mother.

De León confirmed the veracity of the publication on social networks. He did it last Tuesday, December 14 and in it he mentions that they are a humble, hard-working, but very united family and that together they raised funds to give whoever gives them information, evidence or facts that lead to clues of the singer’s location.

He points out that his son is a great human being and they have a family that loves him.

It also makes a request for those people who will communicate to give information and that the data they provide is accurate and true.

Other relatives and friends also joined the campaign and said that they are not money people, but that they will give the reward to whoever gives them true information and everything they receive will be kept confidential.

Zoel Cruz’s mother describes her son’s case as a kidnapping. According to De Leon, an armed commando took him by force from the place where he was singing. “They – the Public Ministry and the Police – say it is disappearance, but from the moment they take you away and deprive you of your liberty, it is a kidnapping,” he stressed.

The family provided the number 502 4179-5480 For those who have information, you can get in touch.


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