Vicente Fernández: from a milk seller to a legend of ranchera music

As the Mexican press points out, Vicente Fernández started “from the bottom up” and although for decades he had been recognized and honored for his achievements in the world of music, it was until that October 11, 1991 that for the first time an important North American newspaper He declared that the charro was at the same level as who is perhaps the greatest in the history of North American pop, according to the site

Fernández studied until the fifth year of primary school, milking the cows on his father’s farm and going out to sell milk.

In 1963 Chente worked as a milkman and at that time “El Charro de Huentitán” was 23 years old and it was Alberto González Cruz, the man who discovered him who gave him the opportunity to become what would henceforth be an icon of Mexican music, a report published on

González Cruz was the owner and founder of the mariachi Alteño in which his children worked. Fernández often went on his bicycle to sell milk, until one day he told them that he liked to sing.

One day González and his children invited him to sing “I did not want to, I was trembling with fear and nerves,” González declared in the report of Telemundo.

This is how Vicente began to be known in his native Guadalajara and some time later, he went in search of clients to the Plaza Mariachi, where a statue in his honor is currently located.

In Guadalajara there is a statue in honor of Vicente Fernández. (Photo:

The biggest

In the second half of the 20th century, it was widely recognized that Frank Sinatra represented the excellence of American pop standards. In a parallel route, Vicente Fernández was the king and an icon of instant recognition in the world of Mexican rancheras.

Ranchera songs are considered the music of the heart of Mexico. Ranchera music is the quintessence of the Mexican song form; idealizes country life and describes heartbreaking love stories and boundless emotional breakdowns, quotes

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This is how the milkman who did not finish elementary school became, until the day of his death, on December 12, 2021, the most recognized singer in the world of his genre, for his vast production, his powerful voice and his unforgettable music. Fernández is now considered an influential legend for popular artists of ranchera music.

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