Vicente Fernández: Announcer and compadre of “El Charro de Huentitán” doubts the date of the death of the Mexican idol

It is about Gustavo Alvite, a close friend and compadre of the Mexican charro, who questioned the date on which the singer died: “Lying to make it more impactful,” he said, as quoted by various Mexican media outlets. Alvite called Chente’s family “sensationalist”.

Surely in the coming months, the death of the Mexican idol will continue to give people talk. The truth is that in the last few hours some have speculated, doubting that he died on December 12, the day on which the Virgin of Guadalupe is commemorated.

Alvite declared that he was “hurt by the sensationalism” of the interpreter’s family when announcing the death that special day in Mexico so that it would “have more impact”, to the extent of assuring that it is a “false date”, according to a published note in

It was through his official Facebook page where the announcer, compadre and friend of Vicente Fernández generated controversy by questioning the official version of the interpreter’s family who announced the death of the singer on December 12.

He felt tired

The announcer’s controversial post caused a stir on Facebook when, among other things, he wrote: “… I am telling you this on the night of Sunday, December 12, the ´official´ date of the death of my friend for more than 50 years, Vicente Fernández Gómez. And yes, I have a lot to talk about that story. I’m going to do it, but not now. The theatricality and sensationalism with which the family handles the situation to the extent of lying on the date so that it has more impact, ‘hits me in the spirit, “wrote Alvite

The announcer was a friend and compadre of Vicente Fernández. (Facebook photo: Gustavo Alvite Martínez).

“I think my friend would not have accepted it nor deserves it. But some years ago he no longer decided due to the serious health problems that forced him to retire with dignity. Tavo, I no longer want to go out on stage because I feel sorry for him- he told me the last time I saw him. How much admiration, even more !, I felt for him. I lived their confinements before the important performances. -Like a wolf- he told me “, added Alvite

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