Vicente Fernández: a Colombian astrologer would have predicted the death of “El Charro de Huentitán”

Artistic and political personalities mourned the death of Vicente Fernández, one of the greatest icons of Mexican music, who He died on Sunday, December 12, in his native Guadalajara at the age of 81.

“El Charro de Huentitán”, as he was also known, had been suffering from serious health problems since 2012. His departure leaves a great void in popular music in Mexico.

After Chente’s death, tributes began in different parts of Mexico. In addition, rumors arose such as who his possible heirs would be and what will happen to his music, among others.

It was also revealed that on October 5, Daniel Daza, a Colombian astrologer, predicted the death of “El Charro de Huentitán.”

Daza participated in the international program Kallejiando from the local station La Kalle, and announced that Vicente Fernández would die in December of this year.

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“I have not so good news for you. Vicente Fernández is very bad in health matters. I want to say that he has the visit of Saturn, who is the God of death and karma and he has it until December of this year, “said Daza in a video that recently went viral on social networks.

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Some of Chente’s fans were surprised by Daza’s prediction, as it showed the accuracy of his prediction. However, others indicated that it was some coincidence.

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