They record discussion between pilots that ended in blows in the middle of the traffic on the route to Los Encuentros

In the different routes of the country there are cases in which pilots drive the buses at excessive speed in order to get more passengers.

Sometimes, some of these situations end in fights between drivers or assistants and therefore complications in the traffic.

A fight between extra-urban transport drivers was recorded on the route between Chichicastenango and Los Encuentros, Sololá, shared the Knal 4 Noticias de Quiché page.

In the images, two buses are observed that impede traffic on the road, while other pilots activate the horn of their cars to demand to pass.

Stopping traffic seems to have mattered little to the annoying drivers and helpers who argued on the road.

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Later, two of them face collisions between the vehicles that remain stranded on the road.

From January to October to 2021, the Transit Department of the National Civil Police reports 1 thousand 608 buses sanctioned for different offenses.

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