They make fun of “El Mencho” and are executed (The shocking video that shows the murder of three men)

Last week it was revealed in the Mexican press that alleged hitmen of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel recorded the moment of the attack in a house on Francisco Márquez Street, San Miguel Octopán, Celaya, according to various publications.

The video shows uniformed men wearing the insignia of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel. You can hear the violence with which the group entered by force, breaking down one of the doors. The event occurred the first week of December.

“Bow down, kneel down … get it out, get it out, get it out, let’s go, get in, get in, get in … crawl dog, let’s go”, is heard when they enter the home and run into a local, they published internet sites where videos of the drug trafficking.


The press speculates that one of the victims could be Víctor Manuel Elizondo Martínez, who allegedly participated in a video threatening members of the Jalisco cartel. New Generation, on November 4.

In that video he is accompanied by alleged members of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel and in the background a patrol with the insignia of the State Public Security Forces.

“They are wrong, compa, no, cousin, no” says one of the victims. Later, the attackers shoot to execute three people who were in the house.

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“This is for offending my father” Mencho “, son of your p … m …”, says one of the armed men.

The recording shows the execution of three men. (Photo screenshot YouTube Excelsior TV).

“This is for offending my father” Mencho “, son of your p … m …”, says one of the armed men.

After the execution, the men fled in several vans, but were intercepted by the municipal police, for which there was an exchange of shots on the public highway.

VIDEO: (strong images). The recording shows the assault carried out by the armed command to execute those who apparently made fun of El Mencho.

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