The US publishes a treasure trove of secret files on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a case that still fuels conspiracy theories

The US authorities released this Wednesday, December 15, thousands of secret files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a case that still fuels conspiracy theories despite the official conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald shot him.

CIA and FBI files show that American investigators greatly expanded their search range to find out if Oswald conspired with others in the November 22, 1963 assassination that shocked the world.

The documents show they hunted down countless leads, from Soviet intelligence to African communist groups and the Italian mafia.

They also give an account of the enormous efforts of the United States to spy on and influence the Cuban communist government of Fidel Castro, with whom Oswald had contacts and whom Kennedy had tried to overthrow.

The 1,491 documents, many of them lengthy reports, were posted on the JFK Assassination Records page of the National Archives, which already has tens of thousands of records related to Kennedy’s death and the subsequent investigation.

Kennedy’s assassination has led to numerous conspiracy theories that do not accept the official verdict that Oswald worked as a lone wolf when he shot Kennedy as the young president paraded through the streets of Dallas, Texas, in a convertible limousine.

Some believe that Oswald, a sympathizer of communism, was used by Cuba or the Soviet Union.

Others believe that anti-Cuban activists, possibly with the support of US intelligence or the FBI, had Kennedy killed.

And others believe that his political rivals could have been behind the murder.

– “Sinister conspiracies” –

Four years ago, former President Donald Trump was required by a 1992 law to disclose information withheld by US intelligence on the subject.

The law requires that all government records on the murder be released “to allow the public to be fully informed.”

Trump declassified more than 53,000 documents in seven items, which constituted 88% of all content on the murder, according to the National Archives.

However, Trump kept thousands of documents secret for national security reasons.

This year, President Joe Biden pledged to abide by the law, though he was also criticized in October when the White House postponed further declassifications.

Biden explained at the time that the delay was necessary “to protect against identifiable damage to military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement or the conduct of foreign relations.”

The White House is now under pressure to complete the review of the documents before the end of 2022, when they are due to be released, unless the government gives reasons to withhold them.

Philip Shenon, an expert on the Kennedy assassination dossier, wrote in an article published in the US political media Wednesday that there are likely documents that will never be released for security reasons.

“As long as the government continues to keep some documents hidden, it will only further promote the idea that the sinister conspiracies in Kennedy’s death have a basis in fact,” he warned.

“Today, QAnon, which the FBI considers a national terrorism threat, has embraced JFK’s conspiracy theories,” Shenon added, referring to the broad-spectrum US conspiracy movement that has gained popularity in recent years.

Shenon estimated that 15,000 murder-related documents remain classified, most of them from the CIA and FBI.

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