The harrowing search for the Guatemalan man who died in Chiapas and whose identification depends on DNA testing

About a week after the migrant tragedy in Chiapas, Mexico, and with the death toll on the rise, the Guatemalan and Mexican authorities have not yet made official data on the victims, aggravating the agony of families who, at the cost of everything , have traveled to the crash site in search of answers that they have not found.

The death toll from the overturning of a truck carrying hidden migrants last Thursday on a highway in Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, rose to 56 on Tuesday, state health authorities reported, indicating that he is a Central American. , of unknown identity, whose state of health was very serious.

Although the days have passed, the relatives of possible Guatemalan victims do not find peace in the tortuous path that they have had to travel in search of their loved ones, since neither in Guatemala nor in Mexico have they found answers to their questions.

The foregoing was evident this Wednesday, December 15, during a publication by the Mexican journalist César Cancino, who obtained dramatic testimonies from three Guatemalans who entered Mexico, without having a vehicle, to reach the scene of the tragedy and try to find one. light at the end of the tunnel; however, that appears to be a long way from being achieved.

Far from her country, without means of transportation, with little money and with the anguish of not knowing anything about her relatives, a Guatemalan woman who arrived in Chiapas on Tuesday night said that in order to recognize Domingo Antonio Chávez López, who believes is one of the 56 dead, the authorities require a DNA test, which must be performed at the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

Yesterday we came at 9 at night

“We called the Guatemalan Consulate in Chiapas on Saturday and they told us they were still searching. On Monday they called us and told us that it was best to get to Chiapas to identify him ”.

He said that there were two relatives who were in the trailer and that one of them is injured and he assures them that Domingo died, but they have not located his body in the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo).

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“We have to wait, we have already gone through several hospitals and we have not found him and what we are waiting for now is the DNA of my cousin to look for my relative,” said the woman who did not identify herself.

He said that he came to the scene of the tragedy to ask if someone picked up the backpack, “but in the hospitals they told us that he is dead, but we go to the PGR to extract the DNA to identify him, because in the hospitals he does not appear.”

Another Guatemalan who is looking for a friend said that to get to that place they had to make a journey, which begins with the processing of the permit to enter Mexican territory, which they processed when leaving La Mesilla, San Marcos, in Comitán.

“It cost us a lot, but thank God they gave us the permit in Comitan, it is free, but it has a process. I am very sad, dismayed because I never thought he would come here, “said the man who also did not identify himself, but who is looking for Sebastián Pérez Tol, who was vice president of the Cocode in his community.

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“In Guatemala the news is spreading that he is dead, but until we see him with our own eyes we will not be calm. We did not find him and we hope in God that we find him in the hospitals, because we went to the morgue (Semefo) and he is not in that place ”, he commented.

They investigate the fact

Mexican authorities continue to investigate the tragedy that caused the death of the 56 migrants, mostly Guatemalans, and injuries to more than a hundred.

The accident took place when a truck carrying migrants overturned on a highway in Chiapas.

According to the State Attorney’s Office, the trailer, which was speeding, overturned on a curve, causing the box in which more than 150 migrants were traveling to detach.

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Subsequently, the box collided with the wall of a pedestrian bridge and after the impact it was left without the roof and as a result of the collision, dozens of migrants died instantly.

“Regarding the case of Mexico, we are talking with the National Institute of Migration and with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make this process viable as soon as possible, but doing things well so as not to make mistakes along the way,” said the vice chancellor.

Minex pose

Vice Foreign Minister Eduardo Hernández said that they work through the consular network in the Chiapas area to identify the deceased and that they facilitate the entry of Guatemalans who suspect they have affected relatives; In addition, he pointed out that investigations are being carried out in nine hospitals because there are some people who are unconscious

He said that Renap was asked for support to send a fingerprint registration team to facilitate the identification of the affected people.

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He reiterated that at the moment only two deceased have been identified by their relatives and that they suspect that another 14 are also nationals.

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