Shooting at the border: 18 migrants reportedly tried to cross into the United States by force (vehicles, gunshots and fear)

According to various reports in the US press, the incident occurred after a border official fired to force the arrest of two vehicles that accelerated their march towards the US port of entry in San Isidro, California.

The event caused fear in the middle of the border and ended with 24 Russian migrants detained, according to the Customs and Border Protection Office.

Other witnesses said that the incident occurred last Sunday night, when an off-road truck, followed by a luxury car, approached the inspection area at the check-in point between Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and San Diego, California. , USA

The officers fired multiple shots and the cars collided with each other. Police added that among the detainees there are seven adults between 21 and 53 years old and five underage children. Following the incident, several lanes at the San Isidro port of entry were closed and reopened the following day.

VIDEO: users recorded the incident between the US authorities and the migrants

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Additionally, Customs and Border Protection confirmed that all incidents involving the use or attempted use of lethal force are reviewed by that entity’s National Use of Force Review Board.

He added that “uses of force will be reviewed to assess whether the actions of Customs and Border Protection personnel involved in the incident were in compliance with all relevant agency policies. The research results are published on the institution’s website.

The authorities added that there was a third vehicle which was transporting eight people, also of Russian nationality, but without documents to enter the United States. Among the detainees there are five adults and two minors.

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