It is impossible not to be moved by the message of Adriana Agüero, the mother of ‘Kun’: “My best gift is your life, continue with us”

The mother of “Kun”, always aware of her son’s career, and above all, active in social networks to support him, took one more opportunity to dedicate a video to him in which she has been listened to tell the story of her offspring since she was four years.

In the publication, which has already exceeded 12 thousand reproductions, Adriana’s followers have opined, and specifically, “el Kun”, who wrote “I love you”.

And the reactions are not for less, because, in addition to the video with her voice, she wrote a post in which she summarizes what she is willing to do from now on that her son had to withdraw due to the cardiac arrhythmia.

The text begins: “Today is a day of mixed emotions, sadness, joys, memories that come to my head, like the day I knew you were coming to this world, but I never thought that life would give me this blessing. I never thought you’d get this far. You are a person with your own light, who changed our lives ”.

He continues: “You are the King of the family, of your friends, of all those people who love you for who you are. The day of your retirement has arrived. I know it’s not what you expected, or how you would have liked it, but as I always say, things happen because of something in this life. “

Adriana reminds him of his walk in life. “Your path was not always easy, which you always knew how to go through with that warrior spirit that you have, because that is what you are son, a warrior of life. I admire your strength ”.

And he assures him of his support for what is to come: “Now comes another stage in your life and the only thing I am going to ask you is that you enjoy and be happy, just that. My best gift is your life, to continue with us, with your son, your siblings and enjoy everything that until now you could not “.

And the closing is too emotional because it assures him that they will be with him, as before, through thick and thin.

“We will always be by your side, accompanying you. Because if there is something that is never going to change, it is how much we love you ”.

The Argentine striker from FC Barcelona announced his retirement this Wednesday, December 15, at a press conference. Doctors told him that he could not continue playing due to his heart condition.

Between tears he declared that he should do it, but guaranteed that he would continue to be linked to football. Kun began his career at Independiente de Argentina, then migrated to Spain to play for Atlético de Madrid, later he went to England and made a giant story with Manchester City.

With the Argentine National Team he was champion in the Olympic tournament, in the Copa América and participated in three World Cups.

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