“I told them to get off, but those people were already dead”: the heartbreaking testimony of Celso, a migrant who survived the accident in Chiapas

The border El Carmen, Malacatán, San Marcos, witnessed the reunion of the migrant Celso Joaquín Escun Pacheco with his family.

“God gave him a second chance at life, and it’s a joy to have him home again. When we found out what happened we did not know what to do, but God was great with us that he left it to us, “a relative commented to the News portal of the San Marcos Valley.

With the return of Escun Pacheco, the uncertainty experienced by the migrant’s family ended, who lived a moment of anguish when they found out on social networks that Celso Joaquín was one of the injured in the terrible accident of the trailer in Chiapas that left 55 dead.

The Escun Pacheco, originally from Pamezabal, Santa Lucía Utatlán, Solola, traveled to the border with Mexico to meet again and return him to their home.

Impressive testimonial

With fractures in his body and affected by the tragedy he experienced, the migrant was interviewed by the Megavisión channel of the cable system in Santa Lucía Utatlán. His testimony is heartbreaking, we share part of his testimony.

“I thank God for allowing me to be born again. The tragedy was a disaster where everyone had to die, but God is great (…) ”, mentioned the migrant.

Escun Pacheco’s goal was to reach the United States, earn money, and build a house for his family. “I had dreams, but the truth was not like that. God will know why that tragedy happened ”.

When he remembered what he experienced during the overturning of the trailer, the migrant cried, and explained: “The truck accelerated and in one turn, due to the weight of the people who were inside, it turned over. Some of us were standing, others were sitting, there were children, women. (…) Blessed footbridge because at three meters there was a bridge and a ravine; another tragedy would have happened. God knows why things happen ”.

“At the moment – the truck crashed – screams, cries and laments were heard from children and women. At that moment I did not feel (…), I ended up in the midst of the dead. I told them to get off – because – I couldn’t hold on anymore, guys get off (…) but those people were already dead (…) ”.

“When all the people were – dead on me – I asked God for forgiveness (…) that your will be done,” he explained.

“I wanted to help others. Standing over the dead, I tried to help a person who was going together, I wanted to help him, I pulled his arm, his head was shattered, he was about to go out and he told me to help him take him to his wife (…), but he died (…) He was from Joyabaj, Quiché ”.

“A girl was left without hair and asked where is my hair, what happened to my hair. It was a tragedy that I don’t make sense of. I saw the hand of God (…) ”.

In another part of his story, he stated that when he came out of the dead and sat on the side of the road, “a lady hugged me and asked me: ‘Are you alive?’ and I told him I don’t know if I’m alive, I reacted and then I started crying ”.


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