He changed the cassock for a charro suit: priest who officiated mass for Vicente Fernández surprised the parishioners

After the death of the Mexican idol, which occurred on December 12, on Monday the 13th a body tribute was held at the VFG auditorium in Guadalajara, Mexico, the land where he was born and where he lived when he had the accident that led to his death. .

The mass was officiated by the priest Óscar Sánchez Barba, who during his sermon recalled some of the values ​​of the well-known charro from Huentitán.

“The most important thing in Vicente Fernández’s life was not his song, but the beauty of his life,” he mentioned during the religious ceremony, according to a note published on eldia.com.do.

And he added: “A simple, kind man, always smiling; charitable. We all love him, not only for his song, for that powerful voice that God gave him, but for the beauty of his soul ”.

The priest surprised those present when he said that the interpreter wanted his funeral to have applause and songs. That is why, at the end of the mass, Sánchez took off his cassock and put on a charro suit, adds the website publication.

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The religious is also part of the Guadalajara Mariachi Association and, after changing his outfit, he joined the musicians to be able to fulfill the last wish of the representative of Mexican regional music.


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