Former Mayor of Nueva Concepción, Escuintla, and 35 other members of “Los Marroco” are sentenced to 30 years in prison for drug trafficking

Higher Risk Court E convicts a gang dedicated to drug trafficking, including the former mayor of Nueva Concepción, Escuintla, Otoniel Lima Recinos

The Office of the Prosecutor for Narcoactivity Crimes of the Public Ministry (MP), reported that last Tuesday the oral and public debate that took place in the Higher Risk Court E, against members of a criminal organization dedicated to Drug Trafficking called “Los Marroco ”, In which 36 of its members were sentenced to between 1 and 66 years.

Those convicted were found guilty of the crimes of illicit association, trade, trafficking and illicit storage, murder, aggravated robbery, money laundering, illegal transport of firearms, trespassing with specific aggravation and abuse of authority.

“Within the process, it was possible to determine the participation of former mayor Otoniel Lima Recinos, who at the time of committing the criminal acts held the position of Municipal Mayor of La Nueva Concepción, Escuintla, as a member of the criminal organization, his functions allowed him to commit the criminal acts. Lima Recinos was sentenced to 30 years in prison, ”the MP statement reads.

The condemned are:

  1. Juan Oswaldo Marroquín Hernández
  2. Marvin Estuardo Marroquin Samayoa
  3. Eduar Estuardo Hernández Castañeda
  4. Jairo Efraín Castillo
  5. Erick Alexander Herrarte Enriquez
  6. Sergio Obdulio Morales Rivera
  7. Raúl Enrique Ramírez Morales
  8. Jeyner Estuardo Paz Pérez
  9. Oscar Arturo Estrada Herrera
  10. Ivan Morales Ipiña
  11. Gustavo Adolfo Gómez Moscoso
  12. Cristian Alexander Acuña Solórzano
  13. Gustavo Adolfo Campos Sánchez
  14. Cristian Manuel Medrano Peralta
  15. Ronald Alfonso Roche Arevalo
  16. Fermin Marroquin Hernández
  17. Marvin Ernesto Arroyo Garcia
  18. Carlos Daniel Quiñonez Barrera
  19. Cesar Amílcar Pocón Navarro
  20. Mynor Saúl Pérez Corado
  21. Julio Andrés Boitón Albures
  22. Arístides Alexander Tobar Ramírez
  23. Vicente Pop
  24. Queivin Henrry Miranda Alcalán
  25. Dina Virgilia Fuentes Barrios
  26. Angel De Jesus Aguilar Castellanos
  27. Rafael Alberto Marroquin Hernandez
  28. Elmer Stuart Marroquin Citalán
  29. Heber Ernesto Gonzáles Santos
  30. Otoniel Lima Recinos (former mayor of Nueva Concepción)
  31. César Gustavo Méndez Valdez
  32. Henry Estuardo Gramajo Hernández
  33. Lester Alfonzo Peralta Carrera
  34. Walter Efraín Sarceño Barco
  35. Julio Armando Ordoñez Juárez
  36. Juan Nery Reyes Cruz

The Marroco

In December 2018, the Public Ministry and the PNC captured five men, between individuals and workers from the Nueva Concepción municipality, Escuintla, while the mayor Otoniel Lima Recinos was presented with a request to withdraw the right of pretrial for being the alleged leader of the criminal gang the Marroco.

According to the MP prosecutors, the criminal organization was engaged in drug trade and killing, robbery, illegal raids and killing people.

The investigation detailed that the mayor was known as “Coyote” or “Viejón” and was accused of conspiracy to trade, trafficking and illicit storage, money laundering, abuse of authority and illicit association.

That day, César Gustavo Méndez Valdez, alias “el Checha”, alleged leader of the criminal structure and who coordinated hitmen, were captured; Jorge Mauricio González, chief of the Nueva Concepción Municipal Traffic Police; Henry Estuardo Gramajo, Walter Sarceño and Lester Peralta Carrera.

Mayor Otoniel Lima Recinos was captured on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at kilometer 94 near the crossing to the municipality of Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa.

The investigation documented five illicit events that he attributed to the gang.

One of them was the seizure of 660 kilos of cocaine on September 26, 2017. Military intercepted a boat 90 nautical miles off Tecojate, Nueva Concepción. That day the Guatemalans Hugo Daniel Salguero Santos and Ramiro Velásquez Castro were arrested; the Ecuadorians Mauro Daniel Cagua Baberan and Pedro Pablo Pacheco, and the Colombian José Walter Salazar Aguirre.

On May 2 of that year, Méndez Valdez and Peralta Carrera spoke about certain money, drugs, and weapons located in a shrimp farm. The authorities raided the property two days later, which belongs to Carlos Humberto Amaya Martínez, alias “el Pingüino”, First Councilor of Nueva Concepción, on Tecojate beach, where they seized Q59,118.95 in cash, a shotgun, a rifle and a gun.

In another incident, an illegal raid occurred on May 18 of that year, of which there is a complaint. A group of eight men broke into a house in the Costa Sur village, kilometer 149 of the Tecojate-Nueva Concepción road. They threatened a family and demanded Q200 thousand from them. The men stole Q18 thousand in cash, jewelry for Q60 thousand, three cell phones and two military uniforms.

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