Concacaf League 2021: These were the awards that Comunicaciones received after winning the final against Motagua

The Concacaf League He distributed an economic prize for the winning team of the final between Comunicaciones and Motagua that was played on Tuesday, December 14 at the Doroteo Guamuch Flores National Stadium at 9:00 p.m.

Comunicaciones beat Motagua 6-3 in the series – 4-2 in the second leg – and was crowned for the first time in this regional tournament.

The cream team then took the amount of US $ 125 (about Q950 thousand) from the fifth edition of this Concacaf League. Before, both squads had received 75 thousand dollars for having reached the grand final.

But while this award will be useful to the cream entity, which will now seek the National League title by facing Deportivo Iztapa at Doroteo Guamuch in the second leg, it also won other individual awards.

The albos they took over all the other distinctions, both individual and collective.

At the group level they won the award Fair Play for the good behavior they had on the field of play.

Additionally, Kevin Moscoso earned the Golden Gloves by best goalkeeper. The saves of the court were decisive to take Communications to the final instances.

They also won the award for top scorer. It was the Ecuadorian Juan Anangonó who was left with this distinction for having scored six goals, one less than Andrés Lezcano.

Anangonó, star of the final against Motagua, also won the award for best player of the tournament. The youth revelation was for Óscar Santis. That triplet that marked Saprissa in the Costa Rican stadium stands out.

Communications had an admirable feat throughout the tournament. In the Preliminary Round he eliminated Once Deportivo from El Salvador. Then in the last 16 to the Alliance of that same country.

Later, in the quarterfinals, he left Saprissa, who was already champion of this League, on the road, and finally in the semifinals he accounted for Guastatoya in the two games they played.

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