Brussels calls on EU countries to renovate 15% of old buildings by 2030

The European Commission has demanded this Wednesday that the countries of the European Union renovate 15% of old buildings by 2030, with the aim of improve the energy efficiency of the European real estate stock in line with the green pact.

The proposal seeks that Member States have a renovated and more efficient real estate park, with the goal that the buildings consume less energy, they feed on renewable and adapt to the requirements of energy certificates.

“Encouraging home and other building renovations supports economic recovery and creates new job opportunities. Reforms focused on energy efficiency allow pay a lower electricity bill and in the end the investment is worth it“said the vice president of the Commission for the Green Pact, Frans Timmermans.

The Dutch politician has stressed that the Brussels plan aims to increase energy reforms in real estate within the EU. The focus on older buildings prioritizes the most profitable renovations and helps fight energy poverty, he said.

Thus, the European Executive raises raise minimum energy standards and calls for the reform of 15% of the less efficient real estate stock with the 2030 horizon so that there are no buildings with the worst energy rating (F), which indicates poor conditioning.

It proposes that by 2030 all new-build buildings be emissions neutral, with the 2027 target for public buildings, in an attempt to get the public sector to take the lead in this field.

Energy certificates

Brussels also focuses on energy certificates to harmonize them throughout the EU by 2025 and extend their obligation to all public buildings, as well as buildings whose rental contract is renewed.

The real estate park for sale and rent must have a certificate and appear clearly in the advertisements in which it is offered, according to the proposal presented by the Community Executive.

The euro chamber asks for more incentives

On the other hand, the European Parliament has proposed incentives for the renovation of buildings as well as financial measures conditional on the efficiency and energy saving of buildings.

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MEPs have emphasized increasing the transparency on energy costs for buyers and tenants and have asked to improve and harmonize energy certificates among the Twenty-seven.

“The renovation of the housing stock in the EU is not only a priority to reduce emissions but it is also a lever for sustainable growth and employment creation“, has defended the rapporteur Sean Kelly, who has pointed out that the percentage of reforms is only 1% in EU real estate.

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