Investments need certainty and sustainability

The forecasts of potential investments by US companies in the country are encouraging, an expectation announced by authorities that have held some informational rounds in that nation, an offensive that occurs in the middle of the Giammattei Falla administration and whose real results will be corroborated in 2022 For promotional purposes the announcement sounds fantastic, but the key in the long term is not only in the arrival of new capital, but in its permanence, success and expansion, which requires legal certainty, institutional credibility, coherence of government policies and the strengthening of competitiveness factors.

Tackling possible sources of conflict should not be overlooked, which requires legal, social and human management of concessions and benefits for municipalities and communities involved in potential projects. Likewise, guaranteed civil security is needed, since sometimes there are irregular groups, linked to mafias, that seek to maintain the state of poverty, isolation and marginalization of the territories, as in the case of the Ixquisis hydroelectric plant, which suffered such a number of attacks and sabotage that it not only had to suspend operations, but also raised an arbitration process for losses that could cost the country millions of dollars.

Ignoring the analyzes of the national and regional context is much more expensive than doing them and implementing the necessary improvements, which include optimization of the road network, improvement in the possibilities of connectivity and the guarantee of true competition, an aspect in which the country is at a disadvantage. , lacking that law, long relegated by deputies, either due to laziness or ulterior interests.

Pointing out specific strategic deficiencies causes annoyance to those who promote a Guatemala from a single perspective. Optimism is not bad, nor is there anything to be criticized in envisioning new horizons, it is a necessary and proactive exercise, but one that cannot be isolated from challenges overlooked by this government, such as the educational lag, the largest in Latin America, which weighs on capabilities – communicative, mathematical, multilingual, technological— of the future economically active population, the largest capital that the country offers to potential investors and at the same time the main beneficiary in jobs and opportunities from such business expansions.

An objective reference to this comprehensive vision is what the President of the World Bank, David Malpass, reported to President Alejandro Giammattei Falla, at the meeting held in Washington last Tuesday. Malpass reaffirmed the commitment to support the country in “social inclusion, nutrition, agriculture, value chains and climate change.” According to the statement, the WB official urged the Guatemalan leader to “strengthen anti-corruption reforms and promote the rule of law” in order to achieve better development results for “the people of Guatemala.”

The competitive approach does not quarrel with the human. Malpass, head of a global financial entity, highlighted “the need to accelerate the implementation of the Crecer Sano project”, focused on combating the height and weight lag in children affected by chronic malnutrition, whose funds are granted by the World Bank and which also constitute an investment , the most important, the most vital, the most futuristic: to end this scourge to have a sustainable economically active population.

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