Total solar eclipse: the extraordinary photos of the event seen from Antarctica

The total solar eclipse of this December 4 was especially visible from Antarctica.

And it left spectacular images.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are aligned, the latter being among the first two.

Felipe Trueba, Image of Chile

If the Moon covers the Sun in its entirety (the Moon, being closer to the Earth, looks larger than the Sun) a total solar eclipse occurs.


Felipe Trueba, Image of Chile

In these moments of almost absolute darkness, you can see the Sun’s corona, the outermost layer of the star, which is not visible to the naked eye.


Felipe Trueba, Image of Chile

It was a long-awaited moment for scientists, who will not see another solar eclipse in Antarctica. until about 2039. It is an event that occurs every almost two decades.

“It is a unique opportunity,” Patricio Rojo, director of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Chile, who was there with his team, told BBC Mundo.

“Everything we observe will help us understand the great mysteries of the Sun”.

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