Renew your image and present new experiences

The rums that are aged in the highlands of western Guatemala, at an average of 14 degrees Celsius since their creation, this has been a magical place that captivates locals and strangers, who fall in love when witnessing the complex production process of Ron de Guatemala.

To continue at the forefront and tastes of the new generations, Casa Botran Experience decided to renew its image, with a more modern design, full of the Rontastico spirit, where visitors will be able to taste innovative sensory experiences that will immerse them in the stories and the depths of rum.

“To end this year, we decided that the image of our facilities would align with Botran’s look & feel, which will allow us to strengthen the pillars of our brand. This remodeling will be accompanied by the launch of new experiences, which will involve consumers in the process of gestation of an aged rum. Every corner of this renovated Casa Botran Experience will make consumers immerse themselves in the world of Rontastic ”. Sheyla López explains.

The redesign of the Casa Botran Experience brings the Botran brand closer, the change in every corner of its facilities contains details in water very characteristic of the brand, which are inspired by the oceans, lakes and rivers of Guatemala, another distinctive is the textile design , formed by barrels that represent Botran rum mastery, because it is a Botran House, which has three rum masters, who create unique Botran rum blends that are currently enjoyed worldwide.

To complement this experience, in 2021 it will also carry out three tours:

Rontastic Experience (the Botran Experience):

In this experience, you will be able to enjoy a tour of the museum, where 80 years of the history of the Rum of Guatemala, Botran, are revealed, know the barrel workshop, visit the aging cellars, in addition they will be able to live a whole sensory experience through of the tasting of premium rums, where they will discover and understand the perfect way to make a pairing at the level of Botran and will be surprised by the art of mixology, experiencing different flavors, colors and textures, all this in the Q’ulaja bar inside a barrel. Price Q. 250.00

Blending Experience: This interactive tour will allow visitors to create their own rum. They will be given all the necessary supplies to make their personal blend, a rum that no one else will have in their bar, an unbeatable experience that they should definitely live. Price Q. 350.00

Mixology Experience: A mixology class guided by an expert bartender and in it, visitors can learn all about mixology, prepare unique cocktails and even enjoy their own creation. Price Q. 200.00

Casa Botran Experience is constantly updated, so that all its visitors are surprised by the new details, with a current legacy that is transmitted from generation to generation.

Casa Botran Experience is located in Aldea Santa Rita, in La Esperanza Quetzaltenango, it is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm, those interested can make their reservations at 3368-9292.

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