Police dogs retire

Coffe, Ciro, Basco, Edo, Fargo, Charlie Black, Cezar, Linda, Jack 2, Gigi, Nero and Rony retired this Saturday.

There are 12 K-9 dogs that were withdrawn in an act that took place at the United States embassy in Guatemala.

Free Press Photo: Paula Ozaeta

Each of the guides, who are agents of the National Civil Police, presented their dog that will be retired after serving ten years of service.

The job of these dogs was to be:

  • Narcotics and paper money detector
  • Drug prevention
  • Narcotics detection at airports.

After the parade, families interested in each dog will approach the animals to see them up close and interact.

The dogs paraded and the idea is that these dogs are now adopted.

Free Press Photo: Paula Ozaeta

Adoption fair

The SGAIA with the support of INL carried out this fair for the adoption of the police dogs that have served for the last 10 years to combat drug trafficking. Officials along with their families were present to meet the 12 puppies and give them the opportunity to have a new permanent home.

Already nine of the 12 dogs have adoption applications that will be analyzed to determine which is the best family for each one.

Free Press Photo: Paula Ozaeta

The dogs will be delivered to their adoptive family next Saturday, December 11.


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