Video: what is known about the fuel tanker that exploded in Huehuetenango

A fuel tanker caught fire on the road to the village of Chaca, Nentón, Huehuetenango, reported the National Civil Police (PNC) of this department.

The Departmental Municipal Firefighters in that region of the country reported that there are no reports of human losses, only material damage.

Pedro Gómez, a resident of Chachaj, broadcast what happened live and said that there were several explosions during the fire in the cistern.

It transpired that the fuel was emptied into containers and for unknown reasons the fire started.

Social media users shared photos and videos of the place where the fuel caught fire.

Dozens of residents came out of their homes to observe the column of black smoke and the flames that reached several meters high.

Internet users commented that the truck caught fire at the crossing that leads to the Cenotes de Candelaria, in Nentón, while others pointed out that it was near the Gracias a Dios border, in the same municipality.

Police Station 43 of the PNC in Huehuetenango explained that several elements in the area were sent to inquire about what happened and why the incident began.

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