Video: Police are denounced after attacking two women in Arizona (the story of the victims and the agent’s beatings)

Robert Szelewski, a police officer from Tucson, Arizona, was involved in an altercation with two women in a restaurant parking lot two weeks ago.

The incident was recorded on video in which the officer, who was off duty at the time of the incident, is observed immobilizing a woman and her adult daughter.

After the publication of the video by the newspaper Arizona Daily Star, in which the agent is seen physically abusing both women, the police department issued a statement in this regard.

According to information from the police department, Szelewski faces administrative and criminal investigations for his actions.

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Video footage from a cell phone shows the officer placing his knee on the neck of a woman lying on her back, while also holding a second woman to the ground using her arm and upper body.

The video shows how Szelewski identifies himself as a police officer to a witness and repeatedly claims that he was attacked by women and he is defending himself.

Michelle Aloisi, 62, a victim of the attack, told the Daily Star that she and her two daughters were walking through a parking lot after having lunch when a vehicle pulled up next to them.

This car was driven by Officer Szelewski, who reproached them for walking too slow.

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Similarly, the victim of the attack claimed that the officer hit his daughter, Brittany Aloisi-Wiles, 39, in the chest, who is later seen in the video with the agent’s knee on her neck.

According to the Daily Star, this incident was recorded by Michelle Aloisi’s other daughter.

For his part, Robert Szelewski’s lawyer, Mike Storie, questioned the 62-year-old woman’s statements and claimed that the Aloisi family had started the confrontation.

“I had no intention of escalating or making this go any further. The woman hits him on the chest, and that’s when he decided he needed to take her into custody, “Storie told the Daily Star.

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Faced with this new situation of police abuse, Chris Magus, Tucson police chief, spoke to the media.

“The video of this incident raises concerns, but it is important that we comply with the legal requirement of due process and allow criminal and administrative investigations to be completed before determinations are made and additional measures are taken,” Magus stated.

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