Video: Brutal armed attack against a teenager and a young man is recorded by a security camera

Once again, the surveillance cameras of the Municipality of Palín, Escuintla, record another act of violence in that southern region of the country.

The video was released by the authorities to locate the hitmen who attacked two young men on the afternoon of this Tuesday, November 30.

The record shows the action of two armed individuals who travel by motorcycle through one of the streets of the Balcones de Palín 1 neighborhood. He observes that his victims are outside a daily consumer store.

The hit men stop the motorcycle, one of them gets out, takes out a gun and starts shooting at close range in front of two men who are surprised by what is happening.

One of the victims of the attack tries to escape, but the hitman shoots him and collapses.

Volunteer firefighters came to the aid of the victims and identified them as Kevin Alexander Román Mariano, 20, and Érick Eduardo Velásquez de la Cruz, 15, who were taken to Escuintla Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

The National Civil Police does not report arrests for this armed event.

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A volunteer firefighter helps one of the victims of the Palín attack to get into the fire unit. (Free Press Photo: CBV / Palín)

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