Today’s horoscope Wednesday, December 1, 2021

ARIES (March 21- April 20) –

Work and business: your optimism will find alternative paths. Initiate changes that alter his rivals. Love: your attention to certain details pleases your partner and restores harmony.

TAURUS (April21-May20) –

Work and business: the attitude of a close friend will challenge and stagger you. Don’t be intolerant. Love: a common goal will strengthen the seduction in the intimacy of the couple.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21) –

Work and business: the situation will be difficult but your smart plan will allow you to solve it successfully. Love – You will distinguish your soulmate from the crowd and go after her. It will be better than expected.

CANCER (junio22-julio23)-

Work and Business – A new associate will challenge your ability to set limits. Avoid indulging everything. Love: your partner will believe that you are always willing. If not, you must express it.

LEO (July24-August23) –

Work and business: a visit will bring news about old friends and mark the beginning of a period of prosperity. Love: you will find a refuge in the intimacy of the couple. Harmony and full sexuality.

VIRGO (agosto24-sept.23)-

Work and business: your tendency to stability will save a business that had wrecked in the beginning. Love: with things very clear, secrets that your partner keeps will be revealed.

LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 22) –

Work and Business: Join a new group and start activities that will make you review plans. Love – a charming person will be captivated and will not want to part with you.

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 22) –

Work and business: you will have a piece of information that others need for their projects. Don’t be begged. Love: your charisma will not go unnoticed by a certain person; romance is coming.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov23-Dec21) –

Work and business: they will invite you to participate in a business that does not progress due to lack of agreements. Love: discord, disagreements, awkward silence; something has to be done in the couple.

CAPRICORN (Dec22-Jan20) –

Work and business: favorable day to comply with postponed plans. Order the chaos and things get better. Love: in a formal meeting they will confess admiration and much contained desire.

AQUARIUS (Jan21-Feb19) –

Work and business: you will get the answer to continue with your purpose; ideal for fresh start. Love: they will ask you for a greater commitment and you will want to flee. Don’t overdo it, everything will work out.

PISCES (Feb20-March20) –

Work and business: take precautions in your business, there is a risk of economic downturn. Negative to request loans. Love: you will feel that pleasant jolt due to the strong attraction to someone close.

If you have a birthday today, you are a person: meticulous and with good reasoning. He almost always shines in meetings.

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