This was the anger of Samuel Umtiti of FC Barcelona after a fan got on the hood of his car

The episode occurred when the Blaugrana club’s training ended and the French international left the facilities for his home.

At that time some fans saw him and immediately crossed his path not exactly to ask for an autograph as shown in the images that have already gone viral.

After invading the road without any pain, they stepped in front of the car and one of the Barcelona fans jumped on the hood. Even hit it while they did not stop recording what happened.

The player asked them to take off, honked them repeatedly, but eventually got tired and sped off to take off the fans. A reckless action that scared the fans.

After this fast and dangerous maneuver, Umtiti, later on, parked the vehicle and got out to demand their action. He faced them, while they told him not to get angry.

Come in here. Do you pay the car? Why do you touch it? Do you know what respect is? ”The Barsa defender shouted at them.

After tempers calmed down, the player spoke to the person who had climbed on the hood of his vehicle, whom he reproached for the action.

The incident once again confronts fans of the Catalan team with players. It happened to former coach Ronald Koeman after losing the classic to Real Madrid.

Only that time there were insults, spitting, hitting the car and people getting on the hood, as in the case of Umtiti, who for now is not having a good time at Barsa because he has not played a single minute so far.

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