They establish maximum reference prices for the consumer and for gas bottling plants or tanks

The Ministry of Energy and Mines published this Wednesday, December 1 in the Central American newspaper the agreement 261-2021 that agrees to establish the maximum reference prices for the consumer and for the plants or tanks for the packaging of Liquefied Petroleum Gas -GLP- on 10, 20, 25 and 35 pound cylinders.

The aforementioned Ministry highlights that the Regulation of the Temporary Social Support Law for propane gas consumers indicates that through a ministerial agreement the maximum reference price will be established in order to ensure the adequate implementation of temporary social support.

To obtain temporary social support for propane gas consumers, the sale price cannot be higher than the established reference price.

It explains that the maximum reference prices may be adjusted to the variations in prices in the international market and that affect the local market, proceeding the Energy and Mines to calculate them for each authorized cylinder capacity, and the corresponding ministerial agreement must be issued.

This agreement enters into force on December 1, 2021 and its temporality is subject to the validity of the Regulations of the Social and Temporary Support Law.

On November 17, with 108 votes in favor, the Congress of the Republic approved the Temporary Social Support Law, through which the Government will give a subsidy for the price of gas, since it increased the price for the consumer.

On November 25, the Congress of the Republic published decree 15-2021 of the Law of Temporary Social Support for Propane Gas Consumers in the Central American newspaper.

It establishes that the Directorate of Attention and Assistance to the Consumer (Diaco) will impose the sanction of ten Adjustable Fine Units (10 minimum wages, about Q30 thousand) to the individual or legal person, who through actions or omissions in the LPG distribution and marketing chain, does not apply the temporary social support established to the final consumer.

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It orders that only consumers who purchase the products of LPG bottling companies that are registered as such with the General Directorate of Hydrocarbons of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, before October 31, may be beneficiaries of the temporary social support created by this law. of 2021.

The adjustments in the price of gas come into effect this Wednesday, December 1, as recently reported by Finance.

Maximum reference prices

Temporary support

The temporary support will be granted for three months and this will be established in the following way.

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