The number of daily cases of COVID-19 climbs to 1,200, announces Christian Dubé

Two days after the wish expressed by Prime Minister François Legault to see the holiday gatherings pass to 25 people, the Minister of Health Christian Dubé on Wednesday made a reminder of the reality: the number of new COVID-19 dailies climbs to 1,200 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise.

Ahead of the detailed unveiling of the daily report of cases, Mr. Dubé wanted to qualify Mr. Legault’s remarks, which prompted the opposition to remind him of the importance of respecting scientific opinions on this subject and not his personal wishes.

“I’m so focused on the current one, with 1,200 cases today, I don’t like it,” he said in a press conference. There is significant growth. We are back to our high of the last month. We are not really done with the vaccination of children or our oldest. “

The minister did not want to say if the head of government spoke prematurely, reading Wednesday’s data and with the arrival of a new variant even before the onset of winter. According to Mr. Dubé, Mr. Legault “thinks in Quebecers, like everyone else”.

“I have a prime minister who is very, very close to the people,” he said. Convey what everyone wants, everyone wants to have a family Christmas. “

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