The heist of “The paper house” comes to an end but the story continues with “Berlin”

“Berlin” will be the derivative series (spin-off) of “The paper house” that, according to what the creators of Netflix fiction have advanced this Tuesday in a special event “The paper house: The legacy” Held at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid, it will focus on the life of one of the band’s most beloved robbers.

This series will hit the platform in 2023, still it is unknown if other fictional characters will participate and how will the plot of it. Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin, the older brother of The Professor, has pointed out that this “is a wonderful moment”, and that this has been possible thanks to the support of the fans during all these years.

“This is a memorable moment because it is the end of one cycle, but it is the beginning of another. This morning I was talking to Jesús (Colmenar, executive producer of the series) and told him that with this we are heading towards an unknown direction, but which in turn will be just as beautiful and exciting as this one that is closing has been, ”says Alonso in the presentation.

In addition, adds that he would like a plot that “allows him to fly”, and he assures that he feels a little “respect and responsibility” since the original has been very well received, and he hopes that the public will risk everything again with this new fiction.

“This robbery comes to an end … but the story continues”, this is how this news has been released in which the universe of “La casa de papel” continues to grow.

Shortly after this news, Alonso announced that the production of a Korean version of the series is underway, coming to Netflix in 2022, and whose role will be played by the famous Korean actor Park Hae-soo, who has risen to world fame for his role as Cho Sang-Woo in the series “The Squid Game.”

These announcements came a few hours after this morning’s press conference for the presentation of the last five chapters of the series that arrive this Friday to the platform and they will be loaded with “adrenaline, twists and many feelings.”

The last chapter of the first part, released in September, ended with many setbacks for the band. Tokio (Úrsula Corberó) has died and the enemy, wounded and more fearsome than ever, is still inside the Bank of Spain.

In the darkest hours, the group will face the greatest challenges to those who have been exposed: take out the other with a plan full of uncertainty and try to get out alive and without ending up in prison at the Bank of Spain, which is surrounded by the Army and with all the eyes of the world on it.

Both the cast of the series and its creators confess that they are “very happy” with the end of it and that He hopes that the same thing happens to fans around the world.

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