Shooting in the United States: a student kills 3 people and injures 6 others at a Michigan school

Los estudiantes de la escuela fueron evacuados luego del tiroteo

School students were evacuated after the shooting

According to information from the county sheriff’s office, the 911 emergency service began receiving calls around 12:51 pm local time alerting about what was happening at Oxford High School.

The emergency service received more than 100 calls reporting the incident.

At a press conference, Oakland County Police Deputy Commissioner Michael McCabe reported that the main suspect in the shooting, a 15-year-old college student, had been arrested less than five minutes after the first 911 call.

McCabe added that the suspect had surrendered without resisting the authorities at the time of his arrest and that he had invoked his right to remain silent.

Between 15 and 20 shots

Additionally, the deputy commissioner reported that the Oakland authorities found a semi-automatic handgun and bullet casings at the school.

According to initial investigations, the suspect shot 15-20 times.

The authorities did not release the identities of the victims, but according to local media, the three deceased are believed to be college students. One of the injured is a teacher on campus.

The police evacuated the secondary school and transferred all the students and workers from the school to a nearby store so that they could reunite with their families.

According to local Michigan television footage, the college was surrounded by a heavy presence of members of the Oakland Sheriff’s Office and state police.

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