Second-hand gifts

Giving second-hand Christmas gifts is a great way to reduce pressure on the planet by reducing resource extraction, energy and transportation costs, and waste production. If you have young people who suffer from eco-anxiety or older people who are aware of environmental issues, this type of purchase is a good way to address their concerns. It’s good for the environment and a great way to buy local. Indeed, even if the object was made in China, for example, buying it second-hand becomes local, because all the profits remain in Quebec. Even though in most cases it’s not-for-profit organizations that run the second-hand stores, so there is a positive social impact as well. We have a large selection of gifts in the second-hand market. […] They can be found in flea markets, yard sales, bazaars, auctions and thrift stores in particular, as well as on websites (Kijiji, Facebook) […]. We must overcome certain prejudices when it comes to giving gifts that are not new.

However, when one understands the benefits for the environment, one can easily gain recognition from those to whom such a gift is given. In addition, we can often give a larger gift, because the prices in the second-hand market are 20 to 30% lower than those for new items. Buying second-hand gifts for Christmas is a good way to continue the tradition of holiday gifts without falling into overconsumption that is harmful to the planet. Personally, I bought the gifts for my four children, their spouse and my eight grandchildren in three hours online, for less than $ 225 and almost all of them in a second-hand version, on AbeBooks and the site.

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