Red card in education

Education is a human right. The State must provide and facilitate the education of its inhabitants without discrimination. Since January 14, 1986 – the date on which our Constitution came into force – the need and public utility of the foundation and maintenance of educational and cultural centers and museums was declared. According to our legal framework, education has as its primary purpose the integral development of the human person, the knowledge of the national and universal reality and culture. Education, instruction, social training and the systematic teaching of our Constitution, as well as human rights, were also declared of national interest. It emerged last week that the World Population Review (WPR) site, according to the Soy502 medium, placed our country in position 196 out of 199 countries evaluated with respect to its IQ in the world, and thus we are in the last country of this hemisphere.

The results regarding the IQ rotate depending on the quality of the educational system as a whole. In the first places are Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, ranking the United States as the country with the highest “highest intelligence capital index”, and China standing out with the most intelligent students according to tests of reading, mathematics and Sciences. These data had the effect of an edict and did not cause surprise, not even among the authorities of the Ministry of Education, much less in the teacher unions and this is pathetic, because that is when the public system offered classes on WhatsApp because they could never use, or for students in urban areas, free platforms to access best teaching practices. While in El Salvador computers were given away to guarantee universal access to children and adolescents so that they could access classes, and in Mexico classes were instituted on television, here each parent saw how they acquired a little airtime so that their children could have the medium. opportunity to yield some result and a half to meet his teacher, referring to the urban environment, knowing in advance that in rural areas the situation only registered greater neglect.

Our educational system is obsolete and deficient, we lose in mathematics and reading, the lack of knowledge in history is enormous and boys from public and private schools are unaware of our roots and thus creating a responsible and critical citizenry is just an illusion. Placing ourselves within the most backward countries in terms of our IQ should move the foundations of all in order to undertake educational reform. The process in decline is not stopping and stopping it will be the mission of several governments, and this aspect should be made a priority on the political agendas.

Today, December 1, marks the 77th anniversary of the Autonomy of the University of San Carlos, but also this institution, with a constitutional mandate to direct, organize and develop higher education in the State, as well as to spread culture in all its manifestations and promoting research in all spheres of human knowledge, is in a barbaric crisis without seeing any light in its long tunnel. The song of the university reform has been heard for decades and they have not proposed, in particular, a comma to face their responsibilities and thus lead private universities to a necessary rebirth. The point is clear, we have one of the worst educational systems in the world, showing a huge gap between schools whose preparation is first world and generalized precariousness. Will we do something to change this situation or will we continue to contemplate disaster? Or perhaps the question is: who does it serve that this does not change? who serves that this does not change?

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