MP asks Interpol for support to capture those implicated in the case of corruption in the Insivumeh

The Prosecutor’s Office Against Corruption requested this Wednesday, December 1, the activation of the Red Notification of the International Police (Interpol) to facilitate the location and capture in any country of several implicated in a corruption plot in the Insivumeh identified as “Climate case, corruption and power ”.

The objective of the request to activate the Red Notice is to locate and capture anywhere on the planet Mirtha Trinidad Monterroso Bonilla, Jorge Eduardo García Monterroso, Silvia Patricia Martínez Bonilla De Marckwordt, Sabrina María Véliz Castañeda, Juan Carlos Véliz Castañeda, Emilio Alfredo Barillas Padilla and Klaus Herbert Fleischer Kepfer, all fugitives from Guatemalan justice for their alleged participation in a corruption case at Insivumeh for at least Q30 million.

“The Office of the Prosecutor Against Corruption requested the activation of the Red Notice in Interpol so that they can be located and located in any country,” said the Office of the Prosecutor.

Process bound

The 16 people who were implicated by the Public Ministry (MP) in a case of corruption for at least Q30 million in the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh) were linked to the process this Tuesday, November 30, sources reported judicial.

The corruption plot was called by the MP as “Climate, Corruption and Power Case”, since it is presumed that senior officials of said agency, attached to the Ministry of Communications, the deputy Jorge García Silva of the Prosperidad Ciudadana party, his family participated. and advisers to Congress.

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But it was the Fifth Criminal Judge, Judith Secaida, who decided to bind the group to criminal proceedings and send the director of Insivumeh, Yeison Samayoa Velásquez, and the deputy executive director, Astrid Amanda Montes, to preventive detention. The rest of those involved were under house arrest.

The 16 people linked to a corruption case in the Insivumeh were linked to criminal proceedings. (Free Press Photo: Carlos Hernández)

The plot

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, it was a complaint received on November 21, 2020 that alerted “that possibly a deputy facilitated contracts of advisory services to people linked to his party and family members for benefits in the award by hiring a commercial entity for Q21 million, linked to him and his wife, as well as a contract for Q1 million 980 thousand with another commercial entity linked to the husband of an advisor to the bench of said deputy.

According to a cable from the news agency EFE, an investigation by the newspaper “La Hora” details that the Office of the Prosecutor Against Corruption investigated ex officio the Insivumeh purchases made from the corporation “Outsoursing Total”, which is allegedly linked to deputy Jorge García Silva of the Prosperidad Ciudadana party.

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On the day of the arrests, Juan Luis Pantaleón, MP spokesman, reported that the removal of the deputy’s immunity had not been requested and that it was being analyzed to present it in the next few days; however, this Tuesday he said that “the Prosecutor’s Office is working on it for the moment.”

The Prosecutor’s Office adds that taking advantage of political and power influences, among them the lawyer Sabrina María Véliz Castañeda, parliamentary advisor of the Prosperidad Ciudadana legislative bloc and advisor to the General Directorate of Insivumeh, “as well as the influence of Yeison Broderson Samayoa Velásquez, who serves as general director of Insivumeh (…) they used their positions and the emergency of covid-19, as well as the integration of the congressman in the Public Finance and Currency Commission, to obtain a budget modification through Decree 20-2020 of the Congress of the Republic”.

He adds that these actions benefited Insivumeh with a budgetary allocation of Q30 million “destined for the purchase of a radar to modernize the national meteorological network”, a procedure considered unjustified, because it is not a state entity “that at that time At the moment, it will be in charge of ensuring the fight and attention to the pandemic, nor being an institution with essential services ”.

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The MP states that “the investigations reveal that various tricks were used to manage the award of public procurement events to commercial entities without having the necessary experience, technical capacities, specialties in order to provide the scientific services that anomalously they were awarded, as well as non-compliance with requirements; However, they were approved by Samayoa Velásquez in his capacity as general director and finally endorsed by the then Minister of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing, thereby causing serious damage to the patrimony of the State of Guatemala in the amount of Q.28 million. 69 thousand 214.40 in nine awards ”.

Guatemala is, according to indexes from international organizations, one of the six most corrupt countries in Latin America.

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