Corpse with signs of violence was found inside the water tank of the municipal laundry of Patzicía

The unstoppable violence that plagues Guatemala claimed the life of a man in Patzicía, Chimaltenango.

The Departmental Municipal Firefighters of the aforementioned municipality reported the discovery of the body of a man inside the water tank that supplies the municipal laundry located in the central area.

The information details that several stones of regular size were located on the head of the corpse, which were supposedly stained with blood. The water in the pond also turned red.

The man wore pants, sports shoes and did not have a shirt.

Prosecutors from the Public Ministry began the investigation instead of the events, but were unable to identify the body.

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The water in the municipal laundry pond was stained red by the supposed blood of the corpse. (Free Press Photo: CBMD)

The National Civil Police estimated the deceased about 20 years and due to the characteristics of the event they suspect that it was a revenge.

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