Concacaf League: Comunicaciones excites its fans and returns to a final after 43 years of absence

The illusion of Comunicaciones is great because on the horizon it has the possibility of winning two titles this season. The first in the Concacaf League, the final to which he qualified on November 30 by defeating Guastatoya in the series 3-1.

And the other because he also has the possibility of being crowned in the National League, where he has already secured his classification in second place in the absence of a date against Xelajú on Sunday, December 5 at 11 am at the Mario Camposeco stadium.

The fact is, 43 years later the Whites reached a final in a Concacaf tournament. They achieved it in 1978, the year in which, due to administrative disorganization and disagreements in the dates of the matches, they had three champions.

The creams shared the title with the Black lions from the University of Guadalajara – where the Guatemalan, Marvin Ceballos now plays – and the Defense Force of Trinidad and Tobago.

After overcoming the six previous games, Comunicaciones would play the semifinal against the Mexican team and if they won they would go to the Trinidadian team.

In the end, the matches were not disputed due to administrative problems and disagreement of dates. Concacaf decided that the three clubs were declared champions.

The tournament began on May 1 and ended on September 17, 1978. The coach was the Uruguayan Rubén Amorín, who died on December 24, 2014 at the age of 87.

The Concacaf champions were Ricardo Pichinini, Luis Villavicencio, Augusto Ortiz, Juan Pérez Monge and Allan Wellman. In addition, Octavio López, Guillermo Dubón, Edgar Toledo, Edgar Bolaños, René Morales, Edgar González. Also Ramón Sanabria, Félix McDonald, Óscar Sánchez, who was champion of the tournament with five targets, and Byron Pérez.

The present

The white coach, Willy Coito Olivera, has it clear and got on the ship of illusion without losing ground and ensuring that they will go step by step to achieve the objectives.

“We are very excited, but we are going step by step. We have been in difficult series, with very good teams. We achieved the dream of reaching the final. We are one step away from making history, not only for creams, but for soccer in Guatemala. We are going to risk our lives, ”said Coito Olivera after the game against Guastatoya.

José Manuel Contreras, who appears in the second leg of the semifinal with two assists, also assured that they are enthusiastic about achieving the goals that were set at the beginning of the season.

“I am happy because we took an important step. We plot this at the beginning of the season. Nobody believed in us, only the family, as always, but here we are ”, argued el Moyo.

He added that “the confidence of the group was positive. We are in a final that a Guatemalan team has not been in for a long time. We want to enjoy this. We know it will be difficult. We want to be champion, for the club, the country and our families. The group that has done things well and nobody has given us anything ”.

For the coach and captain albo, any rival in the final will be complicated, because for something they reached that stage.

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