Christian Dubé announces 1,200 new cases of COVID-19

Two days after the wish expressed by the Prime Minister François Legault to see pass the private gatherings during the Holidays to 25 people, the Minister of Health Christian Dubé made Wednesday a reminder of the reality: the number of new daily cases of COVID- 19 climbs to 1,200 and hospitalizations are on the rise.

Asked about Mr. Legault’s comments, which prompted the opposition to remind him of the importance of respecting scientific opinions on this subject and not his personal wishes, Mr. Dubé anticipated the unveiling of the report by almost two hours. daily on the progression of the pandemic in Quebec.

“The Prime Minister, he thinks of Christmas, he thinks in Quebec, like everyone else, me included, answered the minister during a press conference. We can’t wait, but right now, if we don’t want to go too far, too fast … Then I will remind you, this morning, do not be surprised when we are going to publish our figures at 11 am, 1200 cases. So we have to be careful. “

Mr. Dubé declined to say whether Mr. Legault expressed himself prematurely in expressing his wish on Monday about the gatherings, which he repeated on Tuesday. However, he found that the increase to 1,200 cases on Wednesday, compared to 784 cases the day before, occurs at the start of the winter period, when the appearance of the new Omicron variant is a source of great uncertainty.

“I’m so focused on the current one, with 1,200 cases today, I don’t like it,” he said. There is significant growth. We come back to our highest [bilan] of the last month. We are not really done with the vaccination of children or our oldest. “

Mr. Dubé relativized the statements of Mr. Legault, who defended Tuesday his right to say what he thinks.

“I have a prime minister who is very, very close to the people,” he said. Convey what everyone wants, everyone wants to have a family Christmas. “

The increase in the number of cases is also reflected in an increase in the number of hospitalizations, especially in intensive care.

“Hospitalizations have risen by ten cases a day for three days, that’s what you’ll see this morning, at 11 am,” said Mr. Dubé. So, let’s stay cautious for the next few weeks. “

On Tuesday, the results of the previous 24 hours reported 227 people hospitalized, including 51 in intensive care.

The government is expected to make a more specific announcement next week on health measures during the holiday season.

In addition, Mr. Dubé announced two training programs aimed at recruiting licensed practical nurses and administrative assistants in the health network.

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