Britney Spears: The “princess of pop” who regained her autonomy turns 40 (documentaries and the use of her heritage)

Britney Spears, the eternal “princess of pop”, turns 40 this Thursday, December 2, free from the legal guardianship that has controlled more than a decade of his life, fiancee, and in the middle of a media hurricane that has left up to four documentaries about her person.

Just a few weeks ago, the California courts put an end to the mechanism by which the singer’s father took control of his finances and personal life for almost 14 years, a legal situation so controversial that it led to an international scandal thanks to the insistence of Spears fans.

“Thanks to you, your concern, I think you have saved my life,” said the star in an Instagram video in which she dropped that she is ready to give an interview to Oprah Winfrey.

It is not difficult to imagine the audience that this hypothetical conversation would gather, but Spears (Mississippi, 1981) clarified this week that before “it takes a long time to heal”.

Recover your autonomy

The artist, who has sold more than 100 million records, has regained her autonomy and you will soon be able to make use of your assets of US $ 60 million, a radically different situation than a few months ago, when I had to ask permission to leave the house and spend a dollar.

On his immediate horizon stands out his commitment to Sam Asghari, a personal trainer and dancer whom he met in 2016 during the filming of the video clip. Slumber Party.

The couple announced the link through Instagram, a platform that has become the only means of contact between the singer and her audience.

Spears hasn’t been lavish in events for years and her latest work, Glory, dated 2016.

Nevertheless, his name has taken the headlines and covers of half the world, not only because of the problems of legal guardianship, but also because of the four documentaries that review his career, signed by media such as The New York Times, the BBC and Netflix.

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Your image has turned 180 degrees

The New York Times sparked renewed interest in Spears earlier this year with a film, Framing Britney Spears, which provided a disturbing view of her fame and the constant scrutiny to which she was subjected.

The documentary turned around the story that portrayed her as a young and unconscious star who went astray in 2008, when she lost custody of her children, shaved her head and entered a rehabilitation clinic.

In one of the archival videos, a 17-year-old Spears attends a television show to promote her debut. …Baby One More Time. The presenter draws his attention: “There is a topic that we have not discussed and that everyone is talking about.” The singer is interested, “What is it about?”

– “Your pe ****,” he says, several decades older than her.

Spears smiles, turns her eyes, and delivers an automated response in which she assures that she has not had implants but that she respects whoever does.

Britney Spears is in the middle of a media hurricane that has left up to four documentaries about her person. (Free Press Photo: EFE)

It was the year 1999. There was still no movement #MeToo, social networks could not censor the embarrassing comment and “feminism” was a term of confusing meaning for the common man.

Through moments like this, in which it is discussed whether Spears would get married a virgin, would be a good mother or how she should dress, a celebrity is discovered subject to a puritanical and misogynistic examination.

The past of Spears – and of other contemporaries such as Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton – has become a symbol of the changes that pop culture has undergone in the last decade. What was funny in 2001 becomes unacceptable in 2021.

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A timeless legacy

Instead, several of the singer’s songs have managed to enter the pantheon of timeless classics.

The video of …Baby One More Time”Toxic accumulates almost 700 million views on YouTube, despite the fact that it was released on television in 1998 and did not reach the internet until 2009; Toxic exceeds 600 million on Spotify; and his discography is among the one hundred most listened to on the platform.

Beyond the numbers, the aesthetics of videos like Oops!… I Did It Again inspires recurring costumes and its performances remain in the retina of the popular imagination, like the snake that took the awards stage MTV 2001.

For all this, his fixed show in Las Vegas attracted the public weekly between 2013 and 2017, although it is now known that it was extended against his will.

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No one knows if she will return to the stage but, as her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, pointed out at the courthouse door: “What follows now for Britney depends on one person: Britney.”

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