Banguat put a new batch of Bicentennial Q1 collectible coin up for sale, but appointments quickly sold out

Banco de Guatemala (Banguat) put on sale a new batch of Q1 coins commemorating the Bicentennial of the Independence of Guatemala.

In order to acquire it, the Banguat portal ( He set up a section to be able to schedule an appointment to buy the special cash of Atanasio Tzul.

In September of this year, the Banguat put the first batch of coins on sale, consisting of five thousand pieces, which quickly sold out.

The sale of the new batch of the special coin, aimed at fans of numismatics, began on Friday, November 26.

The Banguat reported on social media the sale of the new lot. However, from the day the new sale of the cash was announced, the appointments were sold out.

“There are no appointments available, thank you for your understanding,” says the message to those who are still looking to acquire the currency.

This coin comes in a box presentation with a numbered certificate, its artistic composition recalls the independence uprising of the K´iché people that occurred in 1820 in Totonicapán.

The numismatics is minted in silver (925 thousandths) and copper (75 thousandths).

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The Banco de Guatemala portal reported that appointments to buy the Independence Commemorative Coin were exhausted. (Free Press Photo: Banguat)

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