APG recognizes Prensa Libre for its solid track record and work in defense of freedom of expression

The Guatemalan Journalists Association (APG) recognized Free Press for his great contribution to Guatemalan society and his solid track record in the country, as well as his constant defense of freedom of expression, during the celebration of Journalist’s Day.

Every year the APG recognizes the work of people and the media in the country. This time, to coincide with the 70 years of Free Press, awarded an acknowledgment for making the defense of freedom of expression one of its banners in society.

“Definitely that his name (Free Press) tells us everything, it encloses everything and leads us towards that permanent objective of as journalists, as defenders of freedom of expression, as defenders of free access to information, we all seek and fight for it, ”said the entity’s secretary, Rafael Cañas Castillo , when delivering the recognition.

He emphasized that Free Press, in addition to being one of the country’s benchmarks, it is one of the media that transcended modernization with digital platforms.

Long-standing journalist Gustavo Montenegro, editor of the Sunday Edition of Free Press and of the Magazine D, he was the one who received the recognition.

He recalled that the founders of Free Press were part of the founding in 1947 of the APG, whose current president is Abraham Baca Dávila, and emphasized that this association is a very important entity in times like the ones we live in, “where there is so much limitation and intolerance to freedom of the press.”

At the event, awards were also given to other media, as well as pins to journalists of great trajectory, and the new members of that group were sworn in.


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