Aeronáutica explains how an individual violated airport security to enter and travel by landing gear to Miami

The general director of Civil Aeronautics, Francis Argueta, in a press conference this Wednesday, December 1, gave some details about the situation that occurred last weekend, when a person traveled in the landing gear on a commercial flight from Guatemala to Miami. .

The official stated that there is information under investigation that is protected and will be completed in due course.

He added that they ruled out hypotheses and, according to him, they determined that there was an individual who entered La Aurora International Airport illegally and was aboard the aircraft during the flight to Miami.

Argueta said that this is a sensitive issue for the Airport and passengers.

He affirmed that they identified the subject and he is of Guatemalan origin but at first he gave a fictitious name. He said the identity of this is withheld by the investigation.

For now, the stowaway is in the custody of the US authorities and in immigration legal proceedings.

Argueta acknowledged that the security of La Aurora International Airport was violated and violated.

How did you get into the Airport?

“Definitely the security of the port was violated,” emphasized the official.

He explained that in a camera review they determined that at 2.17 am on Saturday, November 27, it is seen when the individual walks from the rear of the aircraft through the area of ​​the right wing and enters the center of the plane to the landing gear.

According to Argueta, they checked all the access points to the airport and there are strict regulations to admit someone.

He affirmed that the subject did not enter through the air terminal, and did so through a platform at the back of the runway that faces Liberation Boulevard through the area known as los arcos.

He said that to enter the perimeter wall jumped in the area, so the height of the mesh will be increased to three meters.

He added that in the area where the subject entered there is no evidence and there is no sentry box, so they will install cameras with sensors to detect if someone tries to enter.

He reported that there is private security for the airline and the plane must be guarded by the agents it hires, not by Civil Aeronautics security.

Argueta said that they have the support of aviation institutions and the State in the investigation.

They will replace camera system

He announced that with the support of an embassy they will replace the camera system and “they will not allow this to happen again.”

He stressed that it is a miracle that the stowaway is alive, because at more than 11 thousand feet high it is difficult to survive due to the condition in which it was going. He said that they will issue a global bulletin to report what happened in Guatemala.

They will increase vigilance

Argueta indicated that they are in the hiring process to increase security at La Aurora Airport and are working on an agreement with the Ministry of Defense to have military police on the perimeter of the compound. They will also have support from the National Civil Police and the Municipal Traffic Police in the exterior area.

He emphasized that he will ensure that a similar incident does not happen again and that Guatemala will have some sanction if nothing is done for what happened.

Now, they will do a night audit to see how the guards guard the aircraft and he warned that they will act with the full weight of the law if someone else tries to do something like what happened.

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He stated that in the main camera they did not detect the subject, but there is a second one in which he does not see very well. There is a third camera that detected it and it is clearly seen.

Now, they will investigate the agents why they did not detect what happened. He said that on other occasions through the cameras they have detected people outside the air operations and have taken action.

He announced that criminal proceedings will come as part of the investigation. He added that this person knew where to hide on the plane and knew there is a check on the landing gear.

They will also strengthen perimeter security in the southern area of ​​the Airport and work on the issue of costs. In addition, they work on a facial recognition system.

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