ABG expresses its rejection of attacks against bank employees in the country

The Guatemalan Banking Association (ABG) said this Tuesday, November 30 his energetic rejection against the aggressions that occurred recently against bank employees in different agencies.

The ABG cited as an example the one that occurred last weekend against the head of one of the agencies of the Industrial Bank.

These violent attitudes, the Association said, They are despicable and only lead to exacerbating the climate of insecurity and intolerance that the country lives.

He expressed his solidarity, support and support to all the affiliated banking entities, which “have always sought to provide quality services to their clientele and the general public ”.

The ABG emphasized its “firm conviction that respectful and well-founded dialogue is and will continue to be the most appropriate resource to expose and settle (…) any difference that may exist between the client and the institution ”.

In the letter, he also expresses your commitment to implement training programs “That they can come to fill any deficiency that may be presenting in the field of banking security.”

On the weekend, the publication of a video was revealed on social networks in which it is seen how an armed client attacks an agency head, before the eyes of the account holders and even the security guard.

People inside the bank even beg the agent to help the bank partner, who is struck by the enraged man.


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