Video: spectacular collision between car and bus on the La Independencia de Xela road

A motorist destroyed a bus stop and uprooted a tree during a spectacular accident on the La Independencia road in Quetzaltenango. (Free Press Photo: CBV)

A video shows the precise moment in which a car, which was heading towards the Historic Center of Xela, hits a bus that crosses the road to join the opposite lane.

The Volunteer Firefighters of the city of Altea reported that the driver of the car refused to be transferred to a health center for a medical evaluation.

The Municipal Traffic Police of the Altense city reported that the event occurred this Tuesday, November 30 in the morning.

The legal status of the pilots and whether they will pay for the damage caused is unknown. What is known is how the collision occurred, which was recorded on video from a security camera.

The bus crosses the avenue and just at that moment, a motorist traveling at full speed dodges the bus that does not stop its march either.

The uncontrolled vehicle hits a bus stop and uproots a tree. The car ended up in the auxiliary lane of the avenue and luckily no pedestrian was injured.

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