The Ballon d’Or to Argentina, the goats in the Eiffel Tower and the absence of Messi in the PSG training: this was the day after the gala and party

The day after receiving the seventh Ballon d’Or has been crazy for Lionel Messi. This November 30 he did not train with Paris Saint Germain because, according to the club, he suffers from gastroenteritis.

In the networks they have joked that it is because of the hangover that the private party after the Ballon d’Or gala left him. However, what is not a joke, it is by intention the flea to bring the trophy to his native Argentina and bring it closer to the fans.

“I am delighted that this is shown or saved in Ezeiza as well. As I said, and I never tire of saying it, a large part of this is thanks to the America’s Cup. This is for the entire group beyond the fact that it is an individual award, it is something that was achieved collectively because if we had not won the Copa América, I don’t know if this would have been the result ”.

Messi had a dream night after winning the seventh Ball in a 16-year football career. They awarded it to him for his last matches with him FC Barcelona, for having won with the Argentina Selection the America Cup and the cycle start in the PSG where so far they have only scored two goals.

The six previous Ballon d’Ors are on display at the Camp Nou, his former home with FC Barcelona.

But in addition to the plans of the Argentine star, who is still defining them to find out how he will do it, in the French capital an emotional gesture appeared in one of the most emblematic monuments.

The Eiffel Tower woke up with seven sculptures of golden goats stepping on a soccer ball each in reference to the milestone achieved by the flea on the French night of Monday.

Goat in english is goat and in allusion to this word those who paid tribute to Messi made use of something traditional, a play on words, to refer that he is “the best of all time” – Greatest Of All Times –.

In reality, very few athletes worldwide have this name. Before Messi they did it with Michael Jordan, for example, in the world of basketball.

The Argentine did not participate this Tuesday, November 30, in PSG training, nor did his compatriot Leandro Paredes, both due to gastroenteritis. Both celebrated the Ballon d’Or with their families.

The club indicated in the medical balance prior to the league match on Wednesday, December 1 against Nice that in the next few hours it will release a new note on its evolution.

In addition, they reported that Mauro Icardi, who was absent from the private party for the award, returned to training after the muscle discomfort that kept him from the last game.

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