Second arrest warrant is issued against former Feci chief, Juan Francisco Sandoval

The Public Ministry reports that an investigation by the Internal Affairs Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant against the former head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity, Juan Francisco Sandoval, for crimes of abuse of authority, usurpation of functions, fraud and conspiracy.

According to the MP, the order was issued by the Fourth Pluri-personal Criminal Court of First Instance, after an investigation in which “the signing of effective collaborator agreements in fraud of law has been established, possibly to generate impunity and undermine resources of the State of Guatemala ”.

The MP indicates that the case is under judicial reservation, so no further details were released.

Last September, the Seventh Criminal Court of First Instance issued a first arrest warrant against the former prosecutor, for the crimes of obstruction of criminal action and breach of duties.

On July 23, through a statement, Attorney General María Consuelo Porras reported that Juan Francisco Sandoval had been removed from the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity (Feci).

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