Ottawa’s appetite depends on the menu

All parents have experienced this situation where a child refuses to eat his vegetables on the pretext that he is no longer hungry, and then miraculously regains his appetite during dessert. This is what Ministers Mélanie Joly and Pablo Rodriguez inspired when, on November 23, they justified their inaction on the handgun trafficking file by claiming that it was a “shared responsibility”. “.

Thus, when before the elections the Trudeau government was invited by many in Quebec to legislate to ban handguns everywhere in Canada, it had no appetite at all for the use of its prerogatives. Even today, Justin Trudeau prefers to avoid offending the west of the country by balancing this responsibility in the court of the provinces, even if it means condemning any measure by a province to counter the circulation of handguns to ineffectiveness, due to the fact the laissez-faire attitude of neighboring provinces. It is also up to Ottawa to strengthen border controls, an entirely federal jurisdiction. But now Ottawa suddenly sees it as a “shared responsibility” to justify its inertia.

The Trudeau government is however starving when the time comes to invade Quebec’s jurisdictions by wanting, for example, to make health transfers conditional on federal standards in our CHSLDs. In other words, the federal Liberals therefore see where there are not “shared responsibilities” so as not to do things for which they should be solely responsible or to interfere in things that do not concern them. This is what happens when, like MM. Trudeau and Rodriguez as well as Mme Joly, we make ourselves the representatives of Ottawa in Quebec rather than the representatives of Quebec in Ottawa.

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