New Zealand opens to tourists on April 30

The New Zealand government has announced that tourists and business travelers will be welcome back to the country as of April 30, 2022. However, travelers must meet certain conditions, such as having a valid New Zealand visa.

Final date

In September, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern already announced that the country would keep its borders closed for the rest of the year. Currently, only New Zealand citizens and residents can enter the country. However, they must spend 7 days in quarantine in a government-designated facility. The fact that these facilities are limited has deterred many people from returning to New Zealand.

New Zealand was expected to reopen in early 2022, but a final date had not yet been announced. Now yes. Tourists and business travelers with a dual vaccination schedule will be able to travel to New Zealand again from April 30. As of January 16, New Zealand citizens and residents in Australia will be able to travel to New Zealand without having to undergo quarantine in a government facility. For New Zealand citizens and residents of other countries who are fully vaccinated, the date is February 13.

The coronavirus situation in New Zealand is currently relatively stable. Vaccination rates in the country are increasing rapidly, with 84% of eligible citizens fully vaccinated. Earlier this fall, there were still some outbreaks in New Zealand, mostly in the Auckland region. At the beginning of December the blockade in this city will be lifted.

Vaccination and coronavirus testing

The New Zealand government has also announced the conditions that will apply to travelers who want to travel to the country in 2022. The main condition is that all travelers must be fully vaccinated. This means they must have received two doses, or a single dose, of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. New Zealand accepts all WHO approved vaccines. It is necessary to present an official vaccination certificate.

Travelers should be tested for coronavirus before departing. Travel to New Zealand is only allowed if the result is negative. Upon arrival, a second test is necessary. If this test is also negative, travelers do not have to quarantine in a government-designated center, but must spend seven days in self-isolation at home.

Mandatory visa for New Zealand

In addition to the vaccination certificate and negative test, to travel to New Zealand it is also mandatory to present a visa. New Zealand has yet to announce any visa changes. This means that travelers will need to request one prior to departure in order to check-in for their flight. The easiest way to fulfill the visa requirement is to apply for the NZeTA visa. The NZeTA is an electronic travel authorization that is digitally linked to the traveler’s passport. By scanning the passport, airport employees can see if a valid visa has been granted.

The New Zealand visa application is carried out through an online application form. Filling out the form only takes a few minutes. Once the form has been submitted and the payment made, the visa takes an average of five working days to be approved. The NZeTA visa is valid for two years and allows you to stay in New Zealand for three months for each visit. The visa can be used for an unlimited number of trips to New Zealand during the two-year validity period.

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