“Her role was simply that of a wife”: Emma Coronel’s lawyer talks about reducing her sentence

Emma Coronel, wife of the renowned drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, was sentenced this Tuesday 30 to three years in prison and four more years of supervised freedom for the crimes of drug trafficking and money laundering.

The former beauty queen pleaded guilty to these charges on June 10 and will receive credit for the time already served, for which she will only have to serve 30 months in prison in the United States.

After knowing the sentence of Emma Coronel, her lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, spoke with the media and acknowledged that the sentence was reduced because the role of her client in the criminal organization of “El Chapo” was “simply that of a wife.” .

“Her role was simply that of a wife. That was his role, period. As I tried to tell the press from the beginning, the sentence reflects that. The guidelines reflect someone who is involved in a very large conspiracy, of which he is a very small person ”, commented the lawyer.

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“That shows the facts. That is what the judge and the government saw. We have said it from the beginning. This is why the sentencing guidelines were so low. So the government and her good judgment thought she deserved a small sentence reduction and the judge felt she deserved a little more, ”Lichtman explained.

Faced with questions about the sentence requested by Emma Coronel’s defender, the lawyer declared that he did not ask for a particular number.

“I did not ask for a specific number, I left it up to the wisdom of the courts. He received a 36-month sentence. It’s over. He will return with his daughters, ”concluded the defense attorney for Joaquín“ El Chapo ”Guzmán’s wife.

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Despite prosecutors’ request that Joaquín Guzmán’s wife serve a 48-month prison sentence, nine months below the minimum sentencing guidelines, the judge in the case, Rudolph Contreras, reduced the penalty.

Among the factors that influenced this decision is Emma Coronel’s repentance in relation to her crimes and the fact that the former beauty queen met “El Chapo” when she was a minor.

At the end of the hearing, the judge spoke with the wife of the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and wished her the best of luck in her future.

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“Good luck. I hope that you will raise your twins in a different environment than what you have experienced until today. Good luck ”, he concluded.

So far, the location of the jail where Emma Coronel will serve her sentence is unknown, although her defense will seek to have her imprisoned near Los Angeles, the city where her two twin daughters currently live.


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