“He disappeared before the sight of his family”: lifeguards search for a minor who was preyed upon by the waves in Champerico

Lifeguards are in search of a minor who disappeared in full view of his relatives this Tuesday on the beaches of Champerico, Retalhuleu.

According to reports, a group of young people and children in the company of relatives from San Martín Sacatepéquez, Quetzaltenango, participate in religious activities and they went this Tuesday, November 30, very early to the beaches of Champerico.

According to family members, what began as a game ended in tragedy, since five minors who were enjoying and playing in the waves of the sea they were dragged by an alpha that and four of them managed to get to safety, while one of them was disappeared.

The minor was identified as Sebastián Gómez Aguilar, 15, and disappeared into the waves before the sight of his relatives.

Several hours have passed since Sebastián’s disappearance. The relief forces have made an inspection of the area where it occurred the tragedy and the search has already begun.

Abraham Godoy, spokesman for the 13th Volunteer Firefighters Company stated: “We could no longer carry out the rescue, the person unfortunately drowned while being swept away and disappeared into the waves. As soon as we come, we start the search ”.

Family members still hope that the minor can be located alive.

Lifeguards assess the place where the child disappeared into the waves. (Free Press Photo: Victoria Ruiz)


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